Ceramic Coating (Nano Technology) | Alpha E-C Paint

Alpha E-C Paint – Ceramic Coating – Nano Technology

A unique high performance long-term nano coating that has  been designed to protect and maintain a  perfect paint finish with proven durability in the toughest environments

Suitable for application to cars, boats, bikes, motorcycles, aircraft and trucks or other painted surfaces

  • Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean
  • Easy, Simple Application and Maintenance
  • Resistant to Pollution, Corrosion, Salt Water Abrasion, Alkali and Acid Chemical attacks
  • Reduce Costs of Cleaning and Care

Alpha E-C Paint is a high performance nano-coating designed to protect and preserve high quality paint finishes against degradation and pollution from environmental damage, corrosion and soiling.

What is Alpha E-C Paint?

Alpha E-C Paint has been designed for painted metal surfaces because of it’s scratch resistance, perfect finish and ease of application and maintenance. Alpha E-C paint provides aa high gloss finish enhancing the colour and look of the paintwork. Since Alpha E-C paint leaves the paintwork super smooth, dirt, fouling and pollutants have difficulty adhering to the paintwork, thus making it easier to clean and negating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

How does it work?

The technology behind Alpha E-C paint crated a surface that once fully cured provides a 9H hardness. When fully cured Alpha E-C paint contains thousands more neighbour to neighbour chemical bonds then a traditional paint surface or coating. This in turn means that Alpha E-C paint has a very high cross linking density to ensure excellent integrity, durability and molecularly bonds to the surface.

Price: £750 

20% discount for new cars or under 1’000 miles

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